Downtown in a Cyberpunk City: Granny's Mission

It's night-time, but the streets are busy with people. There's rain beating down on the neon-lit rooftops above, while the crowds move through those streets, going about their business. Granny may look like she's out of her depth, but she's good at navigating the underbelly of this dark and mysterious Wildz Cyborg City of the future. She's here to Get More - and she thinks she knows where to look!

The entertainment is endless - plug in and play on some of the most exciting games that exist in cyberspace. The world of Wildz - with a cyberpunk twist, is one to watch. Whether you're one of the C Punk 5K or just riding the Night Trax towards a dramatic sunset (to the sound of synth music, obviously) then it's the place to be. Granny's a native of this dark and mysterious city, and has seen it all. Despite that, the city never stops giving her new surprises and things to discover. This night however, she's got a destination in mind - and a prize she wants to win.


A blimp flies past slowly, the advertisement for Neko Night Dreamdrop shining out through the mist at night. Fish and sushi are on the menu, it seems - Granny makes a note to check it out later. While the wind blows through the tall neon-lit buildings, Granny can Feel the Beat from a nearby club - there's a party of the century going on, with thousands of revellers dancing the night away without a care in the world. She makes her way down the alley and into the venue on her hunt for what she's after.

Shifting through the crowd of people, she hears the headline act, Astro Pandas, singing about a group of pandas who travel to the moon in search of hidden treasure. Whatever will they think of next? Moving along, she knows she's not here for that - she's here to get the secret treasure of the proprietor of this club. Slipping into a back room, she makes her way past the high-tech vaults, takes out a few cyborg guards - you know, the usual - and then she's found it.

The vault below the club hosts the giant swirling crystals of Cyberslot Megaclusters, with its glittering gems spinning and shining and giving the chance to win a huge amount of credits in her account if she's savvy. Granny dons her powerglove, her shades (being more cool always helps in these situations), plugs into the mainframe, and gets spinning those giant gems around. Will she make it out of dodge with her wallet a lot more full than she started? Only time will tell. For now, the synth music, the neon lights, and the exciting tech noir world she's a seasoned denizen of carries on around her - waiting to see if she'll be lucky. Think you're up to your own cyberpunk adventure? Check out the full game library at Wildz Casino and take a few of these super titles for a spin.